19 ways to save money while traveling

Have you been thinking about going on a trip around the world and looking for different destinations? Still do not decide? It’s time for you to take action, start planning and click on buy your plane ticket without a return date. If you have not yet managed to save enough to start your trip, we recommend you read 5 effective saving steps so that you can travel.

And if you think that the money you will save will only reach you for a couple of weeks, maybe you are wrong. It does not take much when you are looking for different alternatives and you are flexible. In Finerio we have identified 19 ways to save money while traveling; Many of them are related to new technologies, so it will not be difficult for you to follow them.

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1. Be part of groups for travelers

If you want to know travel tips it is essential that through Facebook or other social networks or web platforms you become part of groups for travelers. Activate notifications and keep an eye on what is published. A great advantage of being in groups for travelers is that you can ask questions and ask for recommendations from other members. In addition, you can meet people who are behind your same route, and contact them to help each other.

2. Let travel guides or pages with recommendations

Depends on how you want to travel is the guide you have to look for. On the internet there are several options for travel, packages, destinations, agencies, etc. Find pages on which travelers give their opinion on routes, packages, sites, etc.

On the other hand, if your style is backpacking, you will find a great diversity of guides and web pages where other backpackers who have already visited certain destinations are dedicated to helping people by telling their experience and giving recommendations. These guides are unmissable because they are closer to the reader and solve common doubts.

3. Find cheap flights

Due to the great variety of airlines that exist and the different offers and programs they have, now you can find round-the-world flights at incredible prices: Europe for less than 10,000 pesos, North America for 6,000 pesos, Australia for 15,000 pesos , Japan for less than 18,000 pesos, Argentina for 11,000 pesos, etc. It’s just a matter of constantly looking for deals and buying tickets in less crowded seasons.

There are airlines such as RyanAir or WOW air that will leave you with a square eye with incredibly low prices: from 22 euros (400 pesos) for local flights in Europe, for example. We recommend that you read 9 tips to get a cheap flight , where you will find pages and applications that will help you.

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4. More flexible itinerary

If you want to go to Italy, but you find better deals in countries such as Czech Republic or Hungary, it may be better for you to take those routes. There are destinations that are not as popular, but are as magical as the most famous, and at the same time cheaper. You’ll be surprised how much you can save if you get carried away by the flow of things or offers.

5. Use Rome2Rio or GoEuro

Rome2Rio is an excellent search engine, very complete, that will facilitate your entire trip. Rome2Rio helps you build your travel route by telling you how to reach your destination through all possible transports and routes (planes, buses, trains, boats, etc.). The platform or application provides prices of different local and international transports with accurate time information between journeys and connections. In addition, it has additional services to find accommodation, car rental, and places to visit.

And, if you are in Europe, GoEuro is also a search engine similar to Rome2Rio that allows you to see the best and most economical travel routes, with accommodation options.

6. Buy a cell phone chip from a local company

If you are going to be for a long period in some country or region, it is best that you get a chip for your cell phone from that place, because if you keep the chip of your country of origin and do not have any international package, your telephone company will take you to bankruptcy to apply very expensive rates or, worse, you will be incommunicado. With a local chip you will ensure internet access at a reasonable price.

Remember that it is essential that your phone is unlocked so you can use the new chip. If your phone is not unlocked, look for options to do so, or buy a new cell phone.Image result for telephone

7. Hire a calling service

When we travel abroad, there is a need to communicate with our family and friends to inform them of how we are doing and the experiences we are experiencing. We know that the internet solves most of the problem; However, international calls to cell phones or landlines can be very expensive, and a great alternative is to hire cheap services such as Skype or Google Hangouts.

Also, Google has launched ” Project Fi ” , a service that allows Internet, calls and messaging service in various areas of our planet for the same cost. To access this service you need to purchase certain phones that have been specifically designed for Project Fi: Pixel & Pixel, Nexus6P and Nexus5X.

8. Use your credit and debit cards wisely

Before going on a trip, talk to your bank and ask if there are commissions that can be made for international transactions. In general, most banks in Mexico charge a fee for using ATMs in other countries, so if you are withdrawing money from an ATM it is recommended that you take out enough to avoid making several withdrawals.

If you are going to be in the same country for a long time, you can consider opening a bank account in the place where you are so that each time you want to have your money you do not have to pay commissions. Find out about the requirements, advantages and disadvantages of each bank. Ask the costs for making international transfers between your bank accounts.

9. Busca offers in entertainment

The most tourist attractions are the most expensive, and may not be the best experiences you can get from the places you visit. For example, climbing the Eiffel Tower in France is expensive, however, if you climb the Arc de Triomf you can have a magnificent view of the city for a lower price. In addition, in various cultural sites and monuments there are discounts for students, under 25s or academics. You just have to ask.

Also, various museums and attractions offer free admission once a week or month. Another option is the purchase of cards offered by cities to visit almost all museums and important tourist sites. Some cards include the use of public transport in the city. Check the prices of these to see if it suits you. An example is the Stockholm Pass of the city of Stockholm in Sweden.

10. Use public transportation

If you want to save money in a city use public transport. Although we know that in several countries transportation is much more expensive than in Mexico, if you use a taxi or uber it will be even more expensive. Find out about the different transport passes that exist in the cities. They could save you several hundred pesos.

11. Use BlaBlaCar

If you are going to be transported from city to city or from country to country you can use this incredible platform. With BlaBlaCar you share your vehicle with someone else and you save; Or if you do not have a car, you can find drivers who go to your destination and pay a lower amount than if you took train, plane or bus. You can also make friends!

12. Take night trains

Especially in Europe, the train service has trains that make night trips. This has two advantages: you save accommodation and make the most of your days, since at night you will travel and during the day you will not have rest knowing places. There are different packages depending on the region you are in and the days you need it.

13. Download apps like Yelp!, and Foursquare

“Where you go do what you see.” Eat where the locals eat and do what they do. When traveling, you will surely reach the most touristy places; however, try to get away from them and look for different options. We assure you that you will find cheaper and better quality things. For this applications like Foursquare and Yelp work very well ! , because you will find recommendations and qualifications from different places.

14. Ask the locals

When you meet a person native to the place where you are, ask him / her about the general situation in your country so that you can get an idea of ​​security, tourist attractions, restaurants, traditions, etc. You can find tips and places you did not imagine.

15. Search for Free Walking Tours

An effective way to save money is to take free tours that show you the most important points of a location. They exist in various countries and are offered by local guides who understand travelers who have limited budget. They only ask for donations, they can also recommend cheap places.

16. Get an insurance and bring a first-aid kit with you

Many travelers do not hire any type of insurance: big mistake. Better safe than sorry. If something should happen to you when you are out of your country, the expenses could be more expensive than your entire trip and end your itinerary.

Travel insurance or travel medical insurance covers unexpected expenses you may have while traveling: health problems, loss of luggage, cancellation of trips, accidents, death, etc. By taking out an insurance you will have personal and financial peace and you will not worry your relatives.

Look closely at the aspects that cover the different types of insurance before hiring them. We recommend you read The 8 aspects to take into account before hiring a medical insurance . It is important to mention that, although they may seem expensive, it is preferable to have one and not use it to have to pay a hospital bill or emergency plane tickets.

It is also advisable to bring a first aid kit. It packs desinflamantes, vitamins, medicines for colds, indigestiones, headaches, colics, medicines against allergies, bands, disinfectant, etc. Make sure they carry the label so you can take them on board the plane. This kit could be a great help on multiple occasions.

17. Get a job

If you do not have a return date to your country and would like to continue traveling as much as possible, or have a very tight budget you could try to earn money traveling. If you can work legally or have the opportunity to do so, do not think twice. Working in another country will bring you closer to the daily life of the place and will even allow you to continue on the road and earn extra money.

How can you earn money traveling? We give you some ideas of work you can do: teach your language or the languages ​​you know, work online from your computer (you can create a travel blog), be part of the crew of a tourist cruise, get a work visa temporary, to be a nanny in Au Pair programs, to work in hostels, as diving instructor, to give tourist trips, bartender, etc. There are many possibilities, including volunteering where in exchange they give you food and lodging.Related image

18. Take a budget with you

The best ally of your portfolio will always be a budget, wherever you go take it with you, because it will be the only way to have control over your money and know if your efforts to save are working. Make a list of the expenses you have and register them in different categories (food, lodging, transport, entertainment, etc.). Establish a budget for each category and do not exceed it.

And if you have already tried to take a budget and you find it annoying to write down everything you spend or difficult because you do not always remember all your expenses, we have good news: there are already personal finance platforms with which you can create a personalized budget and record your expenses automatically when you link your bank accounts and extract your financial information. The only thing that you register manually are the cash expenses.

Finerio is the first free personal finance application in Mexico that links all your bank accounts to download and categorize your transactions. Track your budgets automatically and allow you to have an overview of your money from one place and anywhere you are. With Finerio, create a budget for you, keep your finances in order and save effectively. Learn more about Finerio and register here.

19. Travel calmly

Do not get overwhelmed trying to go around the world and all the points. We know that there are many places to visit and travel; however, it is better to travel calmly, making friends and knowing the places in detail, than traveling in a hurry and exhausting yourself.

What you most enjoy and appreciate of a trip is not having visited the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, or the London-Eye, but the friends you made along the way and the moments you shared with them and with yourself.

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