LIFE is the Financing Program managed by the European Commission for the Environment and Climate Action. More than € 3,400 million to promote pilot, innovative and demonstration actions that contribute to improving the development, implementation and execution of European legislation and policies

Image result for life program european commissionSpain has shown to have a LIFE vocation, being the country with the highest number of approved projects, 308 in the 2007-2013 period, which accounted for 308 M € of co-financing. For the first call, open from June 18, 2014, it is expected that the number of proposals submitted will surpass 2013 figures, in which the final co-financing doubled the national allocation initially envisaged. In this highly competitive planned scenario, only those of higher quality, which are able to demonstrate the interest and technical and economic feasibility of the proposed actions, will be selected. The technical-economic solvency of the beneficiaries. Some aspects to take into account so that our proposal can be positively evaluated are: the alignment of the objectives of the project with those defined by the Program, the involvement of public agents and non-profit entities, the scope of application (at sectorial level and geographic), the potential for replication and dissemination of the results as well as the technical-economic coherence of the actions.

The main novelties of the LIFE 2014-2020 with respect to the previous period are the simplification of the lines (from 3 to 2, Environment and Climate Change) a larger budget (€ 1,300 million more) and the “Integrated Projects” typology that allows a project receive funds from two or more European funding programs (Horizon 2020 or Cohesion Funds, among others).

Less known than subsidies (from 60%, up to 75% in Nature and Biodiversity Projects for priority species and habitats until 2017) are the “Instrument for the Financing of Natural Capital” and the loans and guarantees for investments in Energy Efficiency , alternative co-financing tools of the European Union for LIFE projects, mainly aimed at the Subprogramme Action for Climate.